Your loved one will feel at home right away

Patients appreciate spending time at our safe, comfortable adult day care center in Columbia, SC. But if your loved one isn't thrilled about changing their routine just yet, you can put their mind at ease by telling them about our...

Senior care services: We can do whatever tasks your loved one's caretaker once did, including preparing healthy meals and assisting with personal hygiene.
Transportation services: We'll get your loved one to appointments on time.
Social activities for seniors: Your loved one can stay busy by taking engaging classes, joining social clubs and enjoying their favorite hobbies.

Let us know if you'd like additional information to share with your loved one.

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About Palmetto Oaks

We opened our adult day care center in October 2019 to fill a void in our community.

About Palmetto Oaks

Our Services

We focus on meeting patients' emotional, social and nutritional needs.

adult day care center columbia sc

Adult Day Care

Our highly trained staff look after patients on weekdays from 7 a.m.-5 p.m.

adult day care center columbia sc

Why Adult Day Care?

Learn about the physical and mental health benefits of adult day care.

adult day care center columbia sc

Your Loved One Doesn't Have to Move to a Nursing Home Yet

Adult day care in Columbia, SC might be the best option

Does your loved one need additional care because their health is deteriorating? Are you feeling burnt-out because you've been caring for your loved one around-the-clock? If so, Palmetto Oaks Adult Day Health Center has a solution: adult day care. Bring your loved one to our adult day care center in Columbia, SC every weekday starting at 7 a.m. to free up your time and ensure that your loved one is getting top-notch care.

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Our adult day care team consists of licensed social workers, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and a nurse practitioner. With over 30 years of experience, we've got the training required to provide the adult day services that senior citizens and adults with disabilities need.

Reach out today to enroll your loved one in our adult day care program.